Welcome to the INFast API!

The goal of this API is to manipulate the INFast application without any screens :)


All posted information reflects work in progress by INTIA and is not for citation or further distribution. The information contained is only for information on the ongoing work being done by INTIA development team.

You can do everything you can do with the INFast application.

Create customers, products and documents. Convert documents, export them as PDF’s or share them.


To use the INFast API you need to have an INFast account. You can manage multiple accounts but only those that also belong to you.

  1. Create an account : https://app.demo.intia.fr/#/createAccount .
  2. Get an API token : Go to your profile (menu “Mon profil”) to generate an API token.
  3. Use your favorite client SDK : And play!


Before using INFast API in a production environment you can play with the demo environment.

  • Sandbox URL: https://app.demo.intia.fr
  • Production URL: https://app.intia.fr


You have some questions? No problem, contact us via the blue chat bubble in app or by email at dev@intia.fr.